Asset Management Policy & Plan

Creation of Asset Management Policy & Plan According to ISO 55001

This course provides a detailed look at important part of asset management: Asset Management Planning. It starts by having a quick review for the fundamentals, bases, systems and frameworks needed to be understood to go further towards setting needed asset management policy and plans. It continues to illustrate important components of Asset Management and how to create Asset Management Policy and Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP). Finally, it Ends with complete practice case with model plant to create the needed Asset Management Policy and SAMP.

It is a condensed program which can help to support the implementation of Asset Management. Course objective is to train attendees to be able to formulate entire maintenance & asset management strategy and policy according to organizational business needs and cascaded from organization main strategy and policy in the way required from ISO 55001:2014

Upon completion of this training the participants should:

  • Fully understand Asset Management scope, structure & key elements
  • Be able to effectively develop Asset Management policy and use it to govern asset management activities.
  • Be capable to create effective Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and use it to lead optimization efforts and to enable organization for collecting Asset Management benefits.
  • To help attendees to be able to integrate a range of perspectives into a list of suggested activities that would advance the implementation and effectiveness of Asset Management practices.

Who should attend?

Maintenance, reliability & asset management professionals, team-leaders, key players or managers who will be responsible for maintenance, reliability and asset management system creation and implementation.