Maintenance & Reliability

Maintenance & Reliability

Achievements start with realization.

De you realize how well is your maintenance & reliability system?

Nowadays, it is no more an option to have the best maintenance and reliability strategy and implementation that supports fulfilling your business goals. Worldwide best practices exist to help achieve these goals and reach an effective and efficient maintenance and reliability system.

Dexterity provides you with the needed assessment service for your maintenance and reliability system versus global and worldwide best practices and implementations to identify potential gaps and recommend improvement initiatives.

While doing so, we not only compare your implementation to best practices, but also examine the current situation in terms of what best suits your specific case and leads to the achievement of business goals.

Maintenance & Reliability Effectiveness Assessment includes the following areas as examples:

  • Maintenance & reliability strategy and high-level aspects.
  • Maintenance & reliability organization.
  • Maintenance & reliability goals and their sufficiency, completeness and relevance.
  • Performance monitoring and management.
  • Financial management and budgeting.
  • Work management system and work cycle.
  • EAM.CMMS implementation.
  • Reliability leadership and culture.
  • MRO inventory and spare parts management.
  • Planning and scheduling implementation.
  • Reliability and maintenance engineering.
  • Failure management and analysis.
  • Maintenance philosophies selection and implementations.
  • Preventive maintenance implementation.
  • Condition based maintenance implementation.
  • Capital work management and reliability creation.
  • Support services and workshops.
  • Training and development.