Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management and ISO 55001 asset management standard provide a holistic framework for managing all functions related to physical assets.

  • It is very important because it can help organizations to.
  • Reduce costs of investing in and operating their assets.
  • Improve assets performance and reduce failure rates.
  • Improve asset value and enhance business growth.
  • Reduce the potential health, safety and environmental risks and related impacts.
  • Maintain and improve the reputation of the organization.
  • Improve the legal and regulatory compliance performance of the organization.
  • And finally, grow stakeholders’ confidence and satisfaction.

Dexterity provides its consultancy services to assess the maturity of existing asset management practices in your organization and works proactively with your organization to build this system in a manner that ensured delivery of the above-mentioned benefits of asset management.
Through this service we prepare your organization to be ready and complying with requirements of ISO 55001 and drive you towards related certification including fulfilling both documentations and implementations. Also, asset management can go beyond the implementation of ISO 55001. Compliance with iso 55001 identifies that a well-structured necessary level of asset management capability has been established and existed. This level is enough to prove that the organization is competent enough and implemented related requirements of asset management. But going further and beyond the implementation of these basic requirements can be offered to optimize this implementation toward excellence in asset management and reach asset management best practices.
Dexterity can provide your organization with a full service to assess, plan, document and implement all needed Asset Management Excellence activities in addition to preparing you to go through the certification process of ISO 55001. .