Building Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Measuring performance is crucial to attain success. As a primary requirement for assurance of fulfillment in maintenance, reliability and asset management, having a good system for measuring performance and assigning corrective actions is no more an option.

We need to measure to:

  • Understand our processes & reduce variation.
  • Know how well a process is doing and to analyze patterns over time.
  • Measure progress, Are we going to meet objectives.
  • Solve problems, make adjustments & identify opportunities.

MAccording to this, Dexterity provides its services to create a representative set of leading and lagging key performance indicators to:

  • Determine the current state of the maintenance function.
  • Recognize the gaps against expectations or established benchmark information.
  • Develop a process affecting the necessary changes.

Dexterity builds this set by analyzing organizations needs to start from top-down approach to get cascaded KPIs driving them from your strategy, policy and plans downward till level of shopfloor implementation.

Our model for KPIs will ensure that:

  • Each KPI be aligned with a specific business objective and used for business management not just measurements.
  • KPIs will be translated to work teams and each team should be contributed to specific KPIs.
  • Alignment between KPIs, Objectives, Teams & Plans should exist to answer why we need them.
  • Each KPI will be connected to action plan which aligned to business objective.

Dexterity provide its services for Building Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance measuring systems for Maintenance, Reliability & Asset management to ensure you are measuring what should be managed. Measuring the right things, the right way is our service that we provide to organizations to ensure successful maintenance and reliability process implementation to attain business results.