Manpower Supply

Introduction of Manpower Supply Section

We excel in deploying proficient engineers and skilled manpower, boasting extensive experience in operations related to Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Production, Minerals processing, Renewable Energy, Power Generation facilities, Seawater desalination plants, and prominent engineering companies.

We have the capability to offer a qualified and experienced workforce, including professionals, engineers, and technicians, encompassing all significant disciplines within the specified sectors and Engineering Procurement and Construction. The company can swiftly deploy sizable teams to overseas project sites, ensuring full compliance with local laws. The company has a link to diverse international workforce, including managers, engineers, supervisors, and workers from various nationalities and cultures.

Management and supervision at project sites (including site managers, HSE, QA, civil, mechanical, electrical, I&C, commissioning, and operations personnel) and specialized personnel (such as DCS experts, rotating equipment controls, fire fighting, rotating equipment engineers, generator, and boiler engineers).

We provide permanent skilled and experienced workforce for operational support services to our clients, as well as outsourcing work when needed.

Tailoring our executive search to match job requirements at all levels, we also enable organizations to conduct preliminary interviews.

Utilizing a comprehensive grasp of job specifications, organizational culture, educational and skill prerequisites, safety awareness, and other essential attributes for a given role, we recruit and deploy managers, engineers, technicians, and labor.

To obtain additional details regarding our Manpower Supply or explore how we can support your upcoming projects, please reach out to our global sales team.