Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

This training is a comprehensive program which can help to support the implementation and management of enhanced planning & scheduling functions to support fulfilling both short and long term maintenance objectives. It seeks to effectively enable personnel and organizations to influence outcomes and deliver competitive advantage.

In this course, a complete outline and details of worldwide best practices and methodologies of planning & scheduling are provided in a complete practical context and with full practice cases to be executed by trainees and led by professional trainers.

After this course attendees will be able to participate, use and apply by themselves various techniques, tools and methodologies of maintenance planning and scheduling to help achieve organization goals of improved reliability and profitability as well as to carry out better planning and scheduling ( work management ) activities including:

It enables attendees to be fully capable carrying out planning & scheduling activities and enabling delivering jobs with safety and quality requirements to fulfill business objectives.

  • Identification & Prioritization of work.
  • Creating and validating of Maintenance work requests.
  • Preparation of detailed job packages and material reservation.
  • Planning and development of weekly schedules and coordinating Daily/Weekly scheduling meetings including Interdepartmental coordination.
  • Scheduling and managing needed logistics for work needs and effective utilization of resources.

Who should attend?

Maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals who are either will carry out planning and scheduling activities or participate in activities related to work management cycle which deals with planning and scheduling.