MRO Inventory Management and Spare Parts Optimization

MRO Inventory Management and Spare Parts Optimization

Inventories and MRO spare parts are essential parts of asset health requirements and managing them is one of core asset management processes.

Statistics showed that materials and spare parts cost compromise more than 60% of total maintenance cost in addition to their availability effect on making plant units available, running and producing quality goods required to attain business success.

In this course attendee will learn how to manage Inventories and MRO Spare Parts in a proactive and contemporary way needed to control both asset availability and reduced costs. It will promote risk-based thinking in managing MRO inventories and spare parts as well as effective and efficient inventories practices and related supply chain management.

This course provides a detailed framework for inventory & MRO spare parts management concepts, knowledge and application. It builds this framework over a solid base knowledge introduction on maintenance and asset management basis, strategies and requirements.

This training is a comprehensive program which can help to support the implementation and management of enhanced inventory & MRO management functions to support fulfilling both short and long terms asset management objectives and to effectively influence organizations outcomes and deliver competitive advantage.

It is a comprehensive active learning consists of lectures, examples, case studies and full practice cases.

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MRO Inventory Management and Spare Parts Optimization