Criticality Assessment & Ranking

Criticality Assessment & Ranking

The purpose of Criticality Analysis is to identify systems and equipment items whose failure is likely to have the greatest impact on plant integrity, operational performance and maintenance costs. The objectives of this analysis include quantifying the likely losses to which plants and facilities may be exposed through equipment failure and identifying and prioritizing improvement areas where organizations may subsequently secure business benefits. Prioritization of system and equipment criticality is based on the business consequences of failure including safety, environmental, repair cost , quality and production losses.

Criticality Analysis is a base for Maintenance & Reliability Management. It facilitates and adds value to many Asset Management areas and decisions. Some examples of these areas are:

  • Budgeting Decisions and costing priorities
  • Deciding maintenance plans & performing RCM
  • Prioritizing Proactive Maintenance Activities & RCFA needs
  • Spare parts & MRO keeping philosophies
  • Level of details for planning
  • Maintenance Work orders Prioritization
  • Dedicated focused monitoring and reporting
  • Focused Improvement initiatives

The implementation of this criticality analysis improves the decision-making process related to asset management activities away by providing a consistent evaluation for asset criticality and achieving world-class proactive and focused asset management approach. Dexterity implements the process of criticality analysis to meet organization’s needs, engages staff and delivers service that will meet world-class performance and best practices results.