Financial Management of Maintenance

Financial Management of maintenance, reliability & asset management.

Asset management became more strategic function focused on delivering value for organization’s business and its stakeholders. Now it searches for a competitive advantage for the organization and ensures better financial values and sustained success for its business and stakeholders.

These dramatic changes deal with the whole asset life cycle not only operation and maintenance. It works to bring better financial measures and leads to ensured business success.

In this context, as accounting & budgeting are central topics of financial management, related financial decisions became critical part of a company’s success. Accordingly, engineers at various levels within the organization who make maintenance plans, improvement proposals and asset management decisions are contributing to the strategic success of the organization. Finance and accounting, ie, “money” is the common language of business, and as such, a knowledge of finance & accounting practices is essential for aspiring leaders in engineering, management, and entrepreneurship.

This course aims to provide maintenance & reliability professionals and managers with a working knowledge of the financial aspects and the budgeting of their work. You will learn the principles of financial accounting and budgeting as well as their tools, practices, and systems in relation to maintenance, engineering , reliability and asset management.

Who should attend?

Maintenance, reliability & asset management professionals, team-leaders, key players or managers who will be responsible for maintenance, reliability and asset management.