Maintenance & Reliability Management

Maintenance & Reliability Management

Maintenance & Reliability Management is no longer trying trying to repair or even maintain assets to ensure their availability for production. They became more strategic functions focusing on delivering value for organizations business and its stakeholders. Now they search for building competitive advantage for the organization and ensure delivering value and sustained success for its business and stakeholders. Maintenance & Reliability engineers and future leaders need to understand this mindset, know how to formulate and manage these functions in their work and learn to translate their activities into the way they can applied for attaining needed values and reaching excellence.

This course provides a detailed look at Applied and Contemporary Maintenance & Reliability Management and their influencing factors. It presents a practical approach to improving reliability in industry and illustrates in depth concepts, techniques, examples and application case studies.

This program helps the participants to understand the key elements of maintenance & reliability management as well as the key success factors, roles & responsibilities to achieve maintenance excellences.

This training is a comprehensive program which can help to support the implementation and management of maintenance procedures. It trains attendees about the available methods and techniques that can be used to effectively influence organizations outcomes and deliver competitive advantage. It helps in providing the right answers in questions such as: which maintenance strategy is suitable in your case, how you can effectively implement it, how you will be able to measure and analyze the resultant reliability improvement and implementation results.

Who should attend?

Maintenance, reliability & asset management professionals, supervisors, team-leaders or managers who will be responsible for plant maintenance & reliability management and improvement.